Study: As Mercury Drops, IQs Rise | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 27.03.2006
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Study: As Mercury Drops, IQs Rise

Germans have been feeling sorry for themselves because they've been plagued by an extremely long and cold winter. But low temperatures might make them the most intelligent people in Europe, according to a new study.


He may be freezing, but his brain is big

Granted, palm trees, sandy beaches and balmy temperatures might do wonders to cheer people up. But it seems they're not exactly conducive when it comes to brain power.

According to a new study by Northern Ireland's University of Ulster, those living in colder climates develop larger brains than people residing in warmer latitudes.

The average brain size in northern and central Europe is 1,320 cubic centimeters (80.5 cubic inches) and in southeast Europe it is 1,312 cubic centimeters, according to the new study headed by Richard Lynn, who made headlines last year when he announced that women on average had an intelligence quotient five points below that of men.

Sontra kältester Ort Hessens

Who cares whether you have to hide behind scarfs when it makes you smart?

Germans in particular seem to have benefited from living in a place whose weather is, let's face it, miserable for most of the year. With an average intelligence quotient (IQ) of 107, they came in first among Europeans, followed closely by the Dutch (also 107) and the Poles (106). Next came Swedes (104) and Italians (102), who might prove to be the exception to the rule since the Mediterranean country isn't exactly known for being frosty.

They all came out better in the intelligence stakes than the British, who rated an even 100, ahead of the Spanish (98) and the French (94) who could only comfort themselves by checking the study results for Bulgarians, Romanians, the Turkish and Serbs, who languished at the bottom of the table on 89.

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