Stefanie Suren | In Good Shape - The Health Show | DW | 02.02.2012
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In Good Shape

Stefanie Suren

Stefanie Suren is presenter of In Good Shape. 'Keep it simple and straightforward' – that is her goal as a reporter, producer and presenter on TV and radio.

A Healthy Curiosity

Stefanie has set her sights on health issues, and her research often revolves around one simple question - how to stay healthy and relaxed despite the stress and pressures of work and family life. “It’s quite a task to work or take care of a family and at the same time live healthily, eat properly and exercise regularly,” says Stefanie. “We at In Good Shape want to help a worldwide audience to do just that.”

Information Therapy

Stefanie’s approach is straightforward and to-the-point. On In Good Shape, she avoids complicated medical jargon and long-winded definitions of various illnesses. Her goal is to provide helpful health tips in a clear and straightforward way. She aims to promote health and well-being through wide-ranging research, critical assessment and dedication.

Prescription: Versatility

Stefanie’s biography is typical of a Deutsche Welle journalist. After studying journalism and Asian politics in Melbourne, in Australia, she worked for several years as a freelance journalist to earn the money for her favorite pastime – travel. Stefanie has explored parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and of course, Australia and beyond, from the Great Wall of China to Ayers Rock.

She went on to a position at DW, training as a television, online and radio reporter. Afterwards she worked for several years as a reporter and producer for Euromaxx – DW’s daily TV lifestyle show. In 2008 she started working as (executive) a producer of In Good Shape.

Stefanie Suren has been presenting In Good Shape since March, 2009.