Special Program: 20 Years of German Unity | What′s on TV? | DW | 28.09.2010
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What's on TV?

Special Program: 20 Years of German Unity

20 Years of German Unity – on 3 October live on DW-TV! All 16 federal states in 24 hours! DW-TV goes on a tour of united Germany.


Whether they’re in Berlin, Bremen, Schwerin, Munich or Cologne – presenters will file their reports on the day’s celebrations from all corners of the country.

The fate of the nation was decided in the year 1990 in a peaceful, but nevertheless dramatic fashion. Reports will focus on Germany’s development over the past 20 years, also covering careers, clichés and the barriers that still exist in people’s minds. DW-TV shows that Germany is now one nation – and what a nation, with all its peculiarities and sensitivities!

On 3 October 2010 from 05:00 UTC on DW-TV. Come and join the party!

You can find all the pertinent information here: