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Snapshot - The welfare recipient

We asked Uwe Mayer to answer a set of questions about his favorite food, pastimes and routines.

Uwe Mayer
Uwe MayerImage: Sean Sinico

Name: Uwe Mayer

Age: 39

Place of Birth: Münsingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Family Status: Divorced.

Children? None.

Job: Currently selling street newspapers.

Education: Special school for children with learning difficulties

How do I start the day?
I get up at 7:30 a.m. Then I clean up my room. It is usually 9 a.m. by the time I leave the house. I do not eat breakfast.

What are typical German traits?
Punctuality and cleanliness. I cannot bear people who are late. I will wait for fifteen minutes, then I leave. No matter what.

Do I have any typical character traits?
I like to have a routine. I always do the same things in the same order. I get up, go to work, come home in the evening, eat, watch tv.

My biggest strength is:
I am always upbeat - no matter whether my day was good or bad.

My biggest weakness is:
I find it hard to say "no".

What do I do in my spare time?
Soccer is my number one.

My favorite food?
I love food. Maybe steak is my favorite. But I'll eat anything, that's how I was brought up.

What music do I listen to?
Everything apart from Heavy Metal and Techno. I like pop music.

What do I wish I had more time for?
If I had a partner, then I'd like to have more time for a quiet, romantic evening at home - with candlelight. I really have a softs spot for that.

How do I feel about the future?
I want to get back on my feet, find a job and a proper place to live.

My philosophy is:
To be true to myself. Even if some people tell me they find me unpleasant.

Author: Sean Sinico
Editor: Rina Goldenberg