Snapshot - The soldier | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 01.06.2010
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Snapshot - The soldier

We asked Henry Lukacs to answer a set of questions about his favorite food, pastimes and routines.

Henry Lukacs

Name: Henry Lukács

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Jena

Family Status: Unmarried

Children? No

Job: Soldier

Education: Secondary education certificate

How do I start the day? With a cup of coffee

What's typically German? Bureaucracy

Do I have any typical character traits? I like to lie in

My biggest strength: being goal-oriented

My biggest weakness is: eating too many M&Ms

What do I do in my spare time? Relax

My favorite food: My grandma's schnitzel

What music do I listen to? Nothing in particular

What would I like more time for? My girlfriend

How do I feel about the future? Things get better all the time

My philosophy is: always plan ahead/ if you're not going forwards, you're going backwards

Author: Mikhail Bushuev (jp)
Editor: Rina Goldenberg