Smoked Haddock with salad on malt crackers | euromaxx à la carte | DW | 09.04.2013
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euromaxx à la carte

Smoked Haddock with salad on malt crackers

This recipe comes to us courtesy of chef René Jensen from Aarhus, Denmark


09.04.2013 DW Euromaxx a la carte Gericht

Serves 4:


2 filets of smoked haddock or smoked gilthead

1 bunch of radishes

1 salad cucumber


Large handful of fresh ramson leaves

1/8 l olive oil

1 glass of pickled onions

Mayonnaise: 3 egg yolks and olive oil with ramson


Slice the smoked fish filets into small pieces. Tip: gilthead is a good alternative to haddock. It has a more refined smoked flavor compared to hot smoked fish. Now scoop out small cucumber balls. If you don't have a scoop, you can cut small cubes. Grate the radishes into thin slices directly into a bowl of water. This way the radishes stay fresh and the water removes the sharpness. Then half the pickled onions. Chop the ramson leaves into thin strips and mix them with the olive oil in a blender for about 5 minutes on medium speed. The ramson will give the oil a deep green color. The ramson oil is then serves as a base for the mayonnaise. Whisk the three egg yolks and ramson oil together until they thicken. Then prepare everything on a plate. Tip: add some sweet malt crackers. Enjoy!





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