Siemens to Cut 1,350 Jobs | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 28.01.2005
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Siemens to Cut 1,350 Jobs

German electronics giant Siemens said Friday it planned to cut 1,350 jobs in its new Siemens Com division, which covers the group's activities in fixed-line and mobile communications. Around 600 jobs would be axed in Germany and a further 650 outside Germany, Siemens said in a statement. In addition, a further 100 administrative jobs would be cut by 2006. Siemens Com chief Lothar Pauly said that the job cuts would not automatically be redundancies. "Our aim is to offer the employees concerned new jobs within the Siemens group or socially acceptable solutions," Pauly said. Corresponding talks had already been initiated with unions and employee representatives.

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