Siemens lands big wind power contract in US | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 16.12.2013
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Siemens lands big wind power contract in US

German engineering giant Siemens has said it has secured its biggest ever contract to deliver wind turbines for several farms in Iowa in the United States. It said the deal also included service and maintenance.

Siemens said December 16 the contract was signed with MidAmerican Energy in Iowa and included the supply of a total of 448 turbines with an overall capacity of 1,050 megawatts.

"This represents not only the largest order for onshore wind turbines for Siemens, but also the largest single order for onshore wind power awarded globally to date," the company said in a statement. It added that the turbines were to be installed in five different projects in Iowa, with the contract also embracing service and maintenance.

No financial details were disclosed, but AFP news agency suggested the deal was worth some $1 billion (700 million euros).

Employment boost

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Siemens posts healthy full-year results

According to Siemens, the turbines to be installed will generate enough electricity for some 320,000 households.

"The order from MidAmerican Energy is a milestone for us," Siemens' wind energy chief Markus Tacke said.

"Our customers have faith in our installations again," he added, referring to problems the engineering giant had had previously with its rotor blade stability.

Siemens said the order guaranteed full-capacity production in the sector for the next ten months, meaning that many workers who have been dismissed could be hired again.

Iowa was reported to be one of the leading US states in terms of wind energy generation. In 2012, wind energy already accounted for 24 percent of overall electricity generation.

hg/tj (dpa, Reuters, AFP)

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