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Shift — Living in the Digital Age

Can I use blockchain technology? Will artificial intelligence take over my career? What exactly is "Machine Learning"? These are some of the questions „SHIFT – Living in the Digital Age“ tries to answer.

The program focuses on a single topic – in depth and in detail. We talk to experts, present the key facts and explain complicated subjects in a simple manner. SHIFT – substantial, never superficial.

Smart appliances and algorithms make every day life easier. However, our personal data becomes a valuable commodity that is out of our control. Intelligent robots are marketed as friends and lovers. In hospitals the use of artificial intelligence helps create new individual treatments against cancer. The internet offers undreamt-of possibilities for information and education. But at the same time trolls and bots influence the shaping of public opinion. 

The digital world challenges our society every day. SHIFT wants to help users make educated choices. Presenter Roger Ditter is there to discuss, question and point out the many risks and possibilities. Relevant facts and strong perspectives – that‘s „SHIFT – Living in the Digital Age“.

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