Seven dead in attack on Afghan governor′s compound | News | DW | 17.05.2012
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Seven dead in attack on Afghan governor's compound

A suicide attack at the compound of the Farah governor left seven dead and wounded 12 on Thursday, a police spokesman in the western Afghanistan province said.

The attacks were launched when a suicide bomber set off his explosives at the entrance to the compound. Three other attackers then began exchanging gunfire with police. In the shootout, two of the attackers were killed. The final attacker died when he set off a suicide bomb.

Of the seven victims, six were police officers and one was a civilian.

Militants carrying out attacks often seek out government offices as targets. Last month, two members of the Taliban snuck weapons into the governor's compound in Kandahar province by hiding them in their shoes. That attack left two guards dead as well as the gunmen.

Last week, a group of six suicide bombers dressed in police uniforms were able to kill four people in an attack on the governor's office in Paktika province.

mz/ccp (AFP, AP)