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Semper Opera Ball

The Semper Opera Ball is Germany's most prestigious balls, drawing world-class artists and thousands of well-dressed guests to Dresden each year.

First held in 1925, Germany's most famous ball is the Semper Opera Ball in Dresden. While the event fell dormant during the communist period in former East Germany, it exists in its current form since 2006. What makes the annual event so mesmerizing is its mix of the classic and the contemporary. While the event kicks off with a 10-minute choreographed waltz danced by 100 debutante couples dressed in tuxedos and white gowns, the evening program can include everything from Dutch violinist André Rieu to Eurovision Song Contest winner and drag artist Conchita Wurst. Some 2,500 hundred guests celebrate the black-tie cultural event inside the walls of Dresden's opera house. Still more watch the live stream outside on the square. Millions view the event on television from their homes.