Season 4: Facing New Challenges | LBE: Crossroads Generation | DW | 20.04.2015
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Crossroads Generation

Season 4: Facing New Challenges

Between their studies, their jobs and their relationships, our heroes have their hands full, especially Mercy, who is also raising a child. Things get even more complicated for everyone when a huge flood hits Kisimba.

Mercy really has her hands full. The 19-year-old is trying her best to reconcile her responsibilities as a mother and wife with her university studies and job at the radio station – but it isn’t always easy. Added to this are other pressures. Her husband, Niki, recently found out that he’s HIV positive and he can’t imagine how to go on – but life still has pleasant surprises in store for them.

Dan continues with his campaign to protect the environment but he moves on from recycling plastic bags – and gets into serious trouble. Tina supports his campaign through her radio show and starts to realize that Dan is more to her than just a colleague – but does he feel the same way? Anita is back in Kisimba and continues to enjoy helping others. Will she also be able to do something for Noni, a disabled girl who is hidden at home by her parents?

Everything gets turned on its head when a huge flood hits Kisimba. Niki and Mercy are almost torn apart, Lulu loses her prosperous business and her twin sons Kadu and Banda are threatened with a typhoid infection. For some, the raging waters are even deadly. Through all of this the characters will try their best to start over, truly reflecting the “Crossroads Generation” motto: ’our life is in our hands.’

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