Science unscripted: For you, from Europe | Podcasts | DW | 22.10.2021

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Science unscripted: For you, from Europe

The science stories that will actually change your day (and maybe make you laugh). Science unscripted is a podcast, radio show & YouTube channel driven by listeners. Hello from Germany :)

Listen to audio 30:00

Weekly roundup — It's time to tweak things

Do you know anyone who suffers from "drunkorexia"?

Or have a friend who "phubs" you? ("Phubbing" is when people look at their phones instead of their conversation partner.)

Or, when a video pops up in your feed and it turns out to be... kind of violent... is it OK to watch it? Does it change you (permanently?) if you do?

Do people actually "choose" a romantic partner (aka "the one") in the way they think they do? 

And, somewhat related: If you either had to save a romantic partner from a fire… or a sibling… who would it be? (And why do men and women answer this question differently?)

Who are we? (And where are we?)

These are the kinds of things we explore on Science unscripted.

We're Gabe and Conor, two US science journalists based in the heart of Europe at Germany's international news broadcaster, DW.

Since Germany borders nine countries (yes, nine!), we're able to cross borders quickly to connect you with stories and people you might not have heard of otherwise. Stories that actually matter.

Part of that means you'll get a glimpse of what life is actually like in Europe. (And that doesn't always mean cafes or castles.)

Our weekly radio show is broadcast on stations throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Ghana and Seychelles (with more coming soon).

And our podcast can be found in… quite a few places:

Spotify - Apple- Google - Player FM- Deezer - Amazon- Castbox - TuneIn

(Don't see your favorite app? Email

We want to hear what you're thinking about

We also have a new YouTube channel.

That's a great way to get in touch with us — right in the comments of a video (like the one below).

Another good way is to email us at

We read every single one of those emails (even the insane ones), and we do our best to reply to them, either via email or by reading them out on the air. Those emails change the show, and we love getting them. Really.

So. What else is there to say?

Well, we hope, obviously, that you subscribe, or even give us a favorable review at some point.

More importantly, we hope some of the things you hear on Science unscripted actually make your day (or even life?) ever-so-slightly better.

That's it. That's what we're aiming for with Science unscripted.

We hope you listen in.

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