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Saucy Sausage

DW staff (jc)September 19, 2007

A butcher's shop employee in the city of Mannheim got some bad vibrations when handling a sausage given to her by a customer for safe-keeping. When cut open, the wurst was revealed to contain a sex toy.

Women eating sausages
Wurst is a great thing -- but must be used properlyImage: AP

The customer had asked the employee to store his sausage, which he intended to take back with him to Dubai, in her refrigerator so it wouldn't go off before he flew out. But the unusual weight of the, um, package aroused her suspicion.

She summoned the local police, who discovered that the sausage contained an unspecified device intended to give pleasure in ways foreign to the nature of a normal food product.

"The attending officers determined that the customer was attempting, in this delicate way, to conceal a sex toy," the police wrote in their report of the incident.

Hiding the sausage is one thing -- hiding a sex gizmo in a sausage is another.

Authorities suspect that the customer was intending to smuggle the device into Dubai, where sex toys are illegal.

The customer never turned up to reclaim the wurst, or its kinky contents, and police have no grounds for pressing charges.

"That sort of thing isn't illegal in our country," said a police spokesperson to the dpa news agency.