Sauerkraut in Valparaíso - German Traditions in Chile | DocFilm | DW | 09.12.2013
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Sauerkraut in Valparaíso - German Traditions in Chile

Black forest cake, sauerkraut and a brewery where they brew beer according to the German purity laws can be found 12,000 kilometers away from Germany: in Chile!

The story begins in the mid-19th Century, when German artisans and farmers emigrated to Chile. The country’s development, and especially the mining of copper, which is Chile’s economic mainstay, was greatly accelerated by German engineering. Some 500,000 Chileans are of German ancestry and, for many, German is still their native language.

25.11.2013 DW TV Im Focus Sauerkraut 06

Chileans are also fond of German beer.

In 1973, after the overthrow of President Salvador Allende, around 20,000 people from Chile fled either East or West Germany. Although most of them returned to their home country after the end of the military dictatorship, the years of exile had left their mark on them. For many Chileans, life in an open society was a formative influence. Their experience of democracy and liberalism played an important role in the rebuilding of Chilean society after the Pinochet era.

25.11.2013 DW TV Im Focus Sauerkraut 02

Carmen Zuñiga was in exile in Hessen. Now she lives in Valparaíso again.

In this documentary, Chileans share their personal experiences and memories of Germany. Carmen Zuñiga has called her little hotel in Viña del Mar near Valparaíso "Offenbacher Hof” in tribute to the 20 years she spent living in exile in Germany. She is still grateful for the refuge and support she received back then. After Ernesto Parra was rescued from a death camp, he got the chance to study music in Germany and now conducts a youth orchestra in Santiago. Alvaro Camu, whose father was killed by the military junta, fled to East Berlin. Today, he is director of the Goethe Institute in Santiago de Chile.

A moving film about the special historical links between the two countries.

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