Sarah Kelly | Conflict Zone - Confronting the Powerful | DW | 17.02.2020

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Conflict Zone

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is an award-winning journalist and a lead anchor on DW News.

Sarah Kelly, Conflict Zone host, has built her journalism career on tackling tough and controversial issues around the world.

A native New Yorker, Sarah began her career at Bloomberg Television following graduating with honors from Columbia University. After winning awards for her reporting, she joined DW in 2010 and became a lead anchor on DW News. 

In addition to her role hosting Conflict Zone, Sarah regularly anchors live and breaking news coverage at the flagship broadcast DW News, where she serves as Anchor-at-Large. She has covered a range of international developments including the war in Syria, the migration crisis, Brexit, the US and German elections and the bailout of Greece.

Sarah is also part of the conversation at major international summits. She moderates high-level panels at the G20, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP).

Sarah is on Twitter: @sarahkellytv 
Facebook and Instagram: @sarahkellyofficial 
YouTube: @sarahkellyreports