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Sabine Kinkartz

Sabine Kinkartz

Reports on everything connected with politics and economic affairs

How does Germany work, and how are people faring in this country? Those are the questions Sabine likes to explore. Her passion is finding the stories behind the headlines.

Sabine Kinkartz started working at DW when the focus was still on shortwave radio broadcasts. She was a radio host and a political/economics correspondent in Berlin well before Angela Merkel became chancellor.

Sabine writes about the government, parliament, and the hordes of business lobbyists in the government district. She has a special focus on Germany's oldest political party, the Social Democrats (SPD), and Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

But Sabine is also intrigued by how less powerful people in Germany deal with things that have been decided in the top political echelons.

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Stories by Sabine Kinkartz

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