Roma Fiction Fest opens this week in Rome | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 07.07.2010
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Roma Fiction Fest opens this week in Rome

The small screen hits the festival circuit this week in Rome at the Roma Fiction Fest, which highlights the best in international television.

The French comedy "The Invincibles" about a group of men who make a pact to leave their girlfriends and the British dramatic production "Strike Back" about the Iraqi invasion are among this week's free screenings.

This year's schedule is also heavy on Italian productions and works-in-progress, such as "Terra Ribelle" ("Rebellious Land"). Set in the 1800s, the series chronicles the lives, loves and search for justice in Italy's "Wild West" at that time, La Maremma.

The festival offers special sessions with TV actors and directors, but the emphasis is on the business side of show biz. Roma Fiction aims to sell Italian and European programs to international networks that often show a disproportionate amount of US programming.

The festival runs from July 5 to July 10.

Author: Nancy Greenleese
Editor: Stuart Tiffen