Results for the Euromaxx viewers’ favorite fairy tale! | Lifestyle | DW | 16.07.2021
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Results for the Euromaxx viewers’ favorite fairy tale!

To mark the opening of the “H.C. Andersen Hus” in the Danish city of Odense, we wanted to know the title of your favorite fairy tale. To see if you have won our DW design travel rucksack, check here.

“The Little Mermaid“, “The Snow Queen” or “The Little Match Girl” – the stories by Hans Christian Andersen are famous around the world. A new museum in Odense, the birth city of the Danish author, has now become an architectural monument to H. C. Andersen. In light of it opening we wanted to know the name of your favorite fairy tale and why you have chosen it.
Many of you wrote to us this week, and so we extend a hearty thank you to all participants!
Following the many submissions we have given away the DW travel rucksack with goodies. Barbara St. L. from Victoria in Canada has won. She likes most the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" collected by the Brothers Grimm.




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