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Rest Right to Beat Stress

June 9, 2023

Our body and mind need regular rest. And not just sleep. There are different ways to recover from stress and exhaustion - depending on the cause.

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Image: Milena Boniek/PhotoAlto/picture alliance
DW In Good Shape 09.06.2023
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Beating burnout

Burnout, says the WHO, is a constant feeling of exhaustion, often combined with poor work performance. It can be linked to depression. Sufferers need medical help - and to learn ways to ease stress.




DW In Good Shape 09.06.2023
Image: DW

Rest your way healthy!

Noise, social pressure, physical exertion - different things exhaust us. So we need different ways to recover. Recent findings in recovery research.




DW In Good Shape 09.06.2023
Image: SWR

The vacation remedy!

Vacations help us recover. Foreign surroundings and new activities give our brains fresh input. Time to head off and get active!




DW In Good Shape 09.06.2023
Image: SWR

Social media stress

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp - constant notifications distract the brain, leading to stress and exhaustion.





DW In Good Shape 09.06.2023
Image: NDR

Mindfulness at school

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders. UNICEF says one in seven young people has a mental health issue. Schools are now bringing mindfulness to the classroom.




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