Resistance to Canonization of EU Founder | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 19.08.2004
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Resistance to Canonization of EU Founder

Missing miracles could stymie a French group's effort to turn Robert Schuman into "blessed Robert."

There is strong resistance in the Vatican to the drive for beatification of the founder of the EU, Robert Schuman, the Daily Telegraph reported. The paper said investigators for the diocese of Metz have been combing through the life of the French politician to see whether he merits the title of "blessed Robert" -- the first step to sainthood. However, the Metz investigators have so far found no evidence of miracles -- a prerequisite for beatification. "All we have is the construction of Europe after the war and Rome does not accept that as a real miracle," said Jean Moes, the leader of the enquiry. Schuman was known as the founder of the EU after his "Schuman plan" became the basis of the European Steel and Coal Community, which seven years later became the European Community. (

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