Reporter Three Minutes of Fame | Reporter - On Location | DW | 13.04.2019
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Reporter Three Minutes of Fame

Tanya is 11 years old and loves rock – hard rock. She wants to be a star, and she sees the Russian talent show "Golos.Deti" – The Voice.Kids – as the way there. Behind her are a singing coach and her mother as manager. Will Tanya make it?

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"The Voice" is a hot export item. Originating in the Netherlands, it’s now licensed in 63 countries, generally running at prime time. The ingredients to its recipe for success are always the same: tough jurors, dubious singing talents, proud, sometimes over-ambitious parents - and occasionally, a voice that enchants every ear. Tanya Galkina of the Russian city Tver has been working to ensure that her voice and music do just that. Winning in a talent show is her greatest dream. Everything else takes a back seat. How does an 11-year-old experience the studios, the stages and back rooms of television entertainment? A report by Juri Rescheto.