Reindeer tartare with quail′s egg | Lamb and Game | DW | 02.10.2004
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Lamb and Game

Reindeer tartare with quail's egg

33-year-old Markus Aujalay has been voted Sweden's "Chef of the Year". Sample one of his winning recipes.


Ingredients for 13 small servings:
Thin crackerbread
300g reindeer haunch (other game or beef may be used)
1 tblsp. chopped shallots
1 tblsp. coarse-grain mustard
1/2 tblsp. mustard
1 tblsp. chopped capers
1 tblsp. chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
13 quails egg yolks

Chop the meat finely and mix with the onions, mustard, capers and parsley. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Break the crackerbread into 13 small triangles. Divide up the tartare into 13 portions and shape a small hollow in each. Carefully place an egg yolk into each hollow and put the tartare onto the crackerbread. Season with extra pepper.

And bon appetit!