Reflex zone massage: How helpful is it? | Healthy Living | DW | 05.10.2018
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Healthy Living

Reflex zone massage: How helpful is it?

Fans of reflex zone massage are convinced of its benefits, but there’s little by way of scientific proof of an impact on the body’s internal organs. But foot reflex zone massage is still a popular therapy.

Reflexologists believe that all of our internal organs are mapped on to corresponding zones on the soles of the feet. They believe that massaging the corresponding zones on the feet can have a positive impact on internal organs. Other parts of the body are also believed to display reflex zones, including the back, hands, head, nose and ears. Foot reflex zone massage is often used as a therapy for intestinal disorders, constipation, lung conditions, and poor sleep. Reflex zone therapists say the treatments can be quite effective, and also recommend that patients do their own reflex foot massages at home – for example, while relaxing and watching television. That can help ease foot cramps and muscle strain, and relieve stress.