Quadriga | All media content | DW | 22.09.2013
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Special Edition: German Election 2013

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Our guests:

Friedrich Thelen after earning his doctorate in law, in 1975 he took on the post of director at the German Development Service. Friedrich Thelen then worked as a journalist for the leading weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". In 1978 he switched to the business weekly "Wirtschaftswoche", where he began his career as the magazine's Bonn correspondent and bureau chief. Later he became the bureau chief of Wirtschaftswoche's Berlin office. He currently heads his own consulting office.

Thomas Nehls was born in Braunschweig. He studied economics and sociology and political science and started working for German public broadcaster WDR in 1971. His positions included Washington Correspondent, Senior News Editor and Deputy Director General. He also worked as the temporary head of politics and as a presenter at state broadcaster Phoenix, and ran the German Television radio studio in New York, from 1998 – 2003. Back to Germany he worked, until 2012, as a correspondent for WDR from their Berlin studio, reporting on foreign, security and defense policy and international organizations.

Ursula Weidenfeld has a PhD in history from the University of Bonn and studied journalism at the Holtzbrinck School in Düsseldorf. She became Berlin correspondent and a deputy editor at the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” before going on to head the corporations desk at the Financial Times Deutschland. In 2001 she took on the job of economics editor at the daily “Der Tagesspiegel” in Berlin. From May of 2008 until January of 2009, Weidenfeld was also editor-in-chief at the business magazine “Impulse “. The journalist regularly writes for the financial daily “Handelsblatt”, and a collection of those articles has been published in book form. Ursula Weidenfel was granted the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Commentary. She is currently a freelancer.