Quadriga - Refugee Crisis – Where is the Compassion? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 21.05.2015
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Quadriga - Refugee Crisis – Where is the Compassion?

Thousands of refugees adrift on flimsy boats in the Indian Ocean. Initially Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia sent the refugees back to sea declaring that they would not take any more in.

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Many of the refugees who are mostly from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been on perilous journeys for months. Those who have reached safety have told harrowing tales of fights over food. Under pressure from the UN Malaysia and Indonesia have now agreed to offer temporary shelter. But is this just a token gesture? Too little and too late? Why is there so much reluctance to help people in such desperate need?

Refugee Crisis – Where is the Compassion?

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Our guests:

Ulrike Herrmann, business editor and head of the opinion page of Berlin's "taz" newspaper. She says, "refugees are considered to be a burden, we need to take the sense of migration overload seriously".

Johannes Leithäuser covers politics for the German newspaper Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung and previously served as its London correspondent. He says, "the international community must increase the pressure".

Sanjiv Burman, is a German with Indian roots. He is part of the DW Southeast-Asia desk's Bengali Team. He's observed the region for decades and says, "we have to fight the causes and not the symptoms."