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Prizewinning smartphone photos

Felix Schlagwein rf
January 6, 2017

The smartphone has made spur-of-the-moment pictures possible. Since 2008, the IPPAWARDS have recognized the best photos taken from iPhones. Here are our picks for the finest in a decade of iPhone photography.

Image: R. Lemise

When Apple introduced the iPhone to the market ten years ago, American photographer Kenan Aktulun, like millions of other purchasers across the world, was fascinated by the tiny rectangular box. He was particularly pleased by the ease with which one could now take photos. Digital cameras, with their numerous and often complicated functions, were too cumbersome for him. The iPhone made photography simple - and Kenan became an ardent admirer of the Apple smartphone.

The photographer observed how quickly cell phone use had evolved, and how people began documenting their everyday lives. Emotional moments could easily be preserved and shared with friends. Enthused by this revolution in photography, Kenan founded the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), recognizing the best iPhone photos sent in by users since 2008. The participants include both professional and amateur photographers. Click on the gallery above for some of the best photos in the nine years of the IPPAWARDS.