Presenter Valeria Risi | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 20.03.2015
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Focus on Europe

Presenter Valeria Risi

Valeria Risi is the host of Fokus Europa. Born in Uruguay to a family with Italian roots, she has made Germany her home. An actor, journalist and presenter by profession, she is also a tango fan and a mother of three.

Daughter of a violinist and a journalist, Valeria grew up in Germany and Mexico where her parents lived in political exile. After the end of the military dictatorship the family returned to Uruguay. There Valeria Risi graduated from secondary school, went to drama school, became an actor and made her debut in the media business. By that time Europe had already become an important part of Valeria's identity. So, after many years in Uruguay, she once again left for the old continent.
Deutsche Welle has been a thread running through her professional life - she first did voiceovers and reporting for DW radio before moving on to write for DW's Spanish online division and hosting seveal TV magazines. Since 2014 Valeria has been presenting the German and Spanish editions of the weekly magazine programme Focus on Europe.
She has also worked for numerous other media outlets, including German public broadcaster ZDF and the Franco-German channel ARTE.
Despite her love for TV, she has never stopped performing on stage – be it at the theater or as a tango singer. And she's started a family. A woman with many sides.

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