Presenter Sumi Somaskanda | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 23.07.2018
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Focus on Europe

Presenter Sumi Somaskanda

Sumi Somaskanda is the new host of Focus on Europe. She hails from Rochester, New York, and worked as a journalist in the US. But she always knew she wanted to report abroad, and she decided to make Berlin her new home.

Sumi studied journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago. She worked in local news in Albany, New York, and helped build a headline news program at Al Gore's Current TV network in San Francisco. After receiving a fellowship from Germany's Robert Bosch Foundation, Sumi moved to Berlin and has spent the last decade reporting on German and European politics, society, and economics for various international publications, including The Atlantic and Foreign Policy. Apart from hosting DW's magazine on European issues, Sumi serves as a senior anchor for DW News and an editor for the Berlin Policy Journal.