PopXport’s 500th show: Lucky Winner | Music | DW | 27.03.2017
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PopXport’s 500th show: Lucky Winner

The 500th edition of PopXport was aired on April 7. And we gave away a BOOMSTER portable stereo from Teufel. Srishti Ghandi from Pune in India is the lucky winner. Congratulations!

The BOOMSTER is a portable Bluetooth speaker with FM radio and an integrated subwoofer. The 500th edition of PopXport will air on April 7. Send us a video with your best wishes before April 5. We’ll select some of your video messages, and run them on the anniversary show and upload them to Facebook. We’ll announce the name of the winner on the show and on Facebook. The judges’ decision will be final. We’re looking forward to seeing your videos!


Your clip should be a maximum of one minute long (or up to 180 MB). You can shoot the video with your phone or camera.

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