Populist temptation: Can Europe resist? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 08.12.2016
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Populist temptation: Can Europe resist?

Populists defeated in Austrian presidential election, while the establishment takes a hit in a referendum on parliamentary reform in Italy. What are the consequences for Europe? Our guests: journalists Federica Baggio, Alan Posener and Ewald König.

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Our guests:

Ewald König, Austrian Correspondent.

He says: "The EU won't be able to easily resist the populists, but it will have to live with them and become much more convincing."



Alan Posener, Commentator, Die Welt.

He believes: "Europe suffers from modernization fatigue. That explains the vote in Italy AND the rise of the populists - but it also strengthens centrists like Merkel in Germany."


Federica Baggio, DW Reporter.

She says: "Renzi lost his most important ally in the fight for change: young voters. But because those young voters gave in to populist narratives of the anti-establishment parties, they've now lost the chance to make the country better."