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Poison and Poverty - Illegal Gold Mining in Indonesia

March 27, 2024

Tourists flock to the Indonesian island of Lombok for its beautiful beaches. But while foreigners snorkel and surf, the islanders are extracting gold from the depths of the earth.

Gift und Gold – Illegale Goldminen in Lombok
Image: tvf

The precious metal is then dissolved using mercury, which poisons humans and the environment.

Gift und Gold – Illegale Goldminen in Lombok
Image: tvf

Indonesia is the largest producer of gold in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people live from informal gold mining. The use of mercury in the process is ubiquitous. As a result, more and more children in this island nation are being born with deformities. The film documents the lives of individuals who are affected and accompanies people who are fighting for change. 



Gift und Gold – Illegale Goldminen in Lombok
Image: tvf



Indonesia has committed itself to phasing out the use of mercury by 2025. The film explores the question of just how realistic this plan is, given the fact that hundreds of thousands of gold miners have few feasible alternatives when it comes to earning an income.

Corruption in Indonesia also interferes with the implementation of more sustainable gold mining and trading practices. 


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