Playlist | Playlists | DW | 16.04.2009
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Here's this week's playlist from Bundesliga Kickoff! from the 16th of April 2009.


Gonzales – Chilly in F minor

Club Confidential
Whsiky in Bullets- Blisters
War-The world is a ghetto
War- H2 Overture
The Foreign Exchange- change house of cards
The Foreign Exchange- daykeeper

Match Day
Donnie Darko Soundtrack – Ensurance Trap
Automatic Fantastic – Bjork Brant
Tambourkorps Seeadler – Glück Auf
Das Badner Lied
Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack - Ghosts Falling

On the Spot
Kassin+2 - Sambamachine
Kassin+2 – Tranquilo
Grupo Batuque – Torquido do Flamengo

Kick it like
Khaled – Abdel Kader
Art Blakey – No hay problema

A Day in the Life of
Le chèvre – worst day
Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Farin Urlaub – Sumisu
Röyksopp – triumphant