Photographer captures world′s children at play | Globalization | DW | 30.04.2013
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Photographer captures world's children at play

Gabriele Galimberti travelled the world for 18 months, capturing the world's children in their play environments. The differences and similarities are clear to see in his photo collection called "Toy Stories".

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti's photo project depicting children around the world playing with their toys has become something of an online hit. Galimberti said the project started by chance after he took the following photograph of a daughter of a friend.

The collection of 58 photos involves children from 58 different countries around the world and, according to Galimberti, often tells the story of the town and the family just as much as that of the child involved.

Orly from Texas (above) was one of Galimberti's most memorable photo subjects he says. "Orly told me that the dragons and the dinosaurs were there to protect him from the Mexicans from over the nearby border," Galimberti explained, adding that Orly's family was actually originally from Mexico.

Galimberti said that it often took time to win over the confidence of the children. On most occasions though, the children themselves eventually helped the photographer set up the toys for the photo.

In his travels Galimberti says that children from poorer backgrounds were often more willing to share their toys with him, than kids from wealthier families. "In the rich countries the kids were generally more possessive of their belongings."

Although the differences between the children involved in the project were considerable, Galimberti says that one thing unites all children, irrespective of their background. "They all love to play, no matter where they are from," Galimberti said.

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