Part 3: Romania - The Turkish Enclave of Ada Kaleh | Small Worlds | DW | 21.02.2013
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Small Worlds

Part 3: Romania - The Turkish Enclave of Ada Kaleh

The island of Ada Kaleh on the River Danube used to be filled with bustling activity, coffee houses and Turkish bazaars.

***ACHTUNG SCHLECHTE BILDQUALITÄT BITTE NICHT ALS ARTIKELBILD NUTZEN***** Ada Kaleh. Bildbeschreibung: Schwarz-weiß Aufnahme ehem. Bewohner auf der gesunkenen Donauinsel Ada Kaleh Zugeliefert am 22.2.2013 durch Susanne Richter. Herkunft: DW Eigendreh

Life on Ada Kaleh some 50 years ago

But about 40 years ago the island in southern Romania had to be evacuated to because of a hydroelectric plant being installed. The authorities promised residents that they could relocate to the downstream island of Simian and that everything would be rebuilt there. But Simian is now a waste land. Only part of the old fortress was rebuilt, and a number of graves were moved. The former inhabitants of Ada Kaleh were forced to reconstruct a new life for themselves on the mainland.

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