Parents and grandparents are there for support | Family | DW | 01.03.2013
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Parents and grandparents are there for support

Mitul’s grandmother provided him with a set of valuable advice as well as introducing some of the most important epics and lyrics in Indian culture. Mitul’s parents taught him the merits of giving and sharing.

Relationship is our deepest need. We all crave to share in exploring relationships. We are always prepared to enjoy even suffering. Let us keep believing in the faith to give others what we could not or did not give to ourselves. This self-realization and conscious awareness is the epitome that enables us to be happy even when in pain.

Mitul and his grandmother.

Mitul and his grandmother.

An excellent mutual relationship is the backbone of our family
My parents have the willingness to gain more pleasure from giving than from receiving, more happiness in serving than in being served. My parents always try to maintain the relationship even when we experience indifference or even unkindness by others, whether it is a family relative or friend. To maintain a relationship and to enjoy its glory in our family, we all try to cultivate nourishing the traits of innocence, patience, tolerance, awareness, perception, nobility, judgment, honesty, wisdom, humanitarianism, humility, sensitivity and insight.

Mitul’s grandmother was his greatest influence
I am very obliged to my grandmother who has played an amazing role in developing my personality. Though she was not well-educated, she built and shaped my personality by telling and explaining moral stories from our great epics: "Ramayana" and "Panchtantra" in my childhood.

Though since 2002 she is no longer with me, I still feel the flow of the fragrance of her noble thoughts and teachings in my own heart. She taught me "how to use and follow right ways and plans and how to carry on struggle". I fully believe in her words: “If you cannot do great things yourself, remember that you may do small things in a great way. A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You must be always optimistic. Always take advice from your elders, parents and teachers." Her memory lies with me as a treasure and keeps me always in giving strength and encouragement. She is still alive in my meek and thankful heart.

Sent by: Mitul from India
Edited by: Mona-Maryam Emamzadeh