Our guests | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 21.07.2016
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Our guests

International journalists with various areas of expertise discuss one of the week's major talking points. Click here for the current edition of Quadriga.

Another election setback - How wounded is Merkel?

Our guests:

Derek Scally is a correspondent for the Irish Times. He says: “Merkel remains unchallenged inside her party -- for now. But she is wounded if her SPD coalition partners and Left Party make good on their post-election signals to join forces with the Greens for a centre-left coalition to oust the chancellor next year.”

Alan Posener is an author and commentator for the daily newspaper „Die Welt. He says: “Nobody is challenging Merkel's leadership of her party and the country. And indeed, nobody wants her job right now. Why should she be worried?”

Pascale Hugues is a french journalist and author. She says: “Welcome in the club! Angela Merkel is getting a rival on her right like everybody else in Europe."