Our guest on 27.06.2010 Gabriella Pape, Garden Designer | guest list | DW | 08.10.2010
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guest list

Our guest on 27.06.2010 Gabriella Pape, Garden Designer

"Talking Germany" host Peter Craven speaks with Gabriella Pape about greens, garden gnomes and staying cool.


When the "Royal Garden Academy" in Berlin opened in 2008, Gabriella Pape became Germany's most famous gardener overnight. Her ideas have melded to create something of a nursery, consulting firm and design center that is accessible to everyone. Her goal of reviving German gardening culture is succeeding. The site of the former "Royal Gardening School" founded in Berlin by landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné in 1823 was the ideal location for her project. A Hamburg native, educated in England, Pape has received many awards for gardens she has designed. Her greatest triumph came in 2007 at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London, where she won a silver medal and became the first German to ever win an award. Her design, a German sunken garden, even impressed Queen Elizabeth and gardening enthusiast Prince Charles.

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