Onur Air Cleared For Take-Off | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 25.05.2005
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Onur Air Cleared For Take-Off

A ban on flights by Turkish low-cost airline Onur Air to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland has been completely lifted, the French civil aviation authority has announced. The aviation authority DGAC "along with the Dutch, German and Swiss civil aviation administrations decided to jointly lift the flight ban on the Turkish company Onur Air," a statement said. In the Netherlands, a transport ministry statement said flights to that country would resume gradually, because "the application of all measures takes time." Onur Air welcomed the announcement in Ankara and said it would regain its former market share within 10 days. The Netherlands had imposed an initial ban on Onur Air on May 12, citing "serious safety deficiencies", and prompting France, Germany and Switzerland to follow suit and declare their territories off-limits as well. According to the Turkish airline, the bans have affected nearly 40,000 passengers.

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