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On the Block: Ferrari With All the Extras, Including Hot Date

DW staff (dc)June 30, 2006

Auction house or online dating service? A woman living in Germany is making the most of Ebay by auctioning her Ferrari Enzo with a little extra thrown in -- a pitch to meet the man of her dreams.

The car's a dream come true; its owner hopes she is, tooImage: AP

A woman who has identified herself simply as Leila, 26, decided to sweeten the deal when she put her red Ferrari Enzo on the auctioning block, including "an extra that no one else has."

That extra, it turns out, is herself. Leila, who says she's a singer, attached a personal ad to her Ebay post, saying she's looking for a well-situated man between the ages of 40 and 58 for love and a life together.

Her hobbies include going for walks, bike rides, and playing golf and tennis -- no mention of driving flashy Italian sports cars.

Leila added that she could arrange to meet with interested bidders, but would need to see a passport and proof of capital. After all, she's started the bidding at 1.25 million euros ($1.6 million).

She may not have much in the way of choice of suitors, however. With only five days to go until her auction ends, so far there's been just a single bid.