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Oldest German Dies

DW staff (jam)July 22, 2005

Frieda Müller, Germany's oldest living person, died peacefully in her sleep near Berlin on Thursday night. She was 110 years old.

Frieda Müller in younger days - 1938 to be exactImage: dpa-Bildfunk

For the past nine years, Müller had lived in a nursing home in Potsdam, just outside of the German capital. It was here in this baroque town that she first saw the light of day, more than a century earlier, and was given the name Frieda Ihnenfeld.

Although she lived a long life, relatively little was actually known about her by those who took care of her for the last decade. According to nursing home personnel, she slept a lot, spoke little, had few possessions and few visitors, since she had apparently outlived almost all of those close to her.

Staff members were able to track down a living nephew and glean some information about her long life. She was born on October 18, 1894 in Potsdam and married a railroad employee, Wilhelm Müller, in 1914. He died in 1958.

Müller liked listening to classical music and have the occasional bite of nougat. She aged well, according to nursing home staff, who said she didn't look her 110 years because her face was hardly wrinkled at all.

The title of the oldest German now passes to Robert Meier, who lives in North Rhine-Westphalia. But he's just a young pup, only 108.