NoonSong – Concert and Church Service in Berlin | Faith Matters - The Church Program | DW | 03.03.2019
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Faith Matters

NoonSong – Concert and Church Service in Berlin

NoonSong has been called “thirty minutes of heaven.” A choral concert but also a church service. Every Saturday, NoonSong features beautiful a cappella singing from centuries of sacred Christian music by the vocal ensemble ‘sirventes berlin’.

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Every Saturday at 12 noon for the past ten years, the Evangelical church at Hohenzollernplatz in Berlin has been full. Hundreds of visitors - Berliners and tourists, music enthusiasts and architecture aficionados - assemble to hear the choral ensemble ‘sirventes berlin.’ The name NoonSong is a play on the name of the Anglican service of Vespers, called Evensong. But NoonSong is something different. Its aim is to provide a moment’s respite from the pulsating city at midday. The church building contributes to the peaceful atmosphere: 1930s Expressionist architecture with the sunlight streaming through the high, stained glass windows. The street market outside is a hive of activity on Saturdays, and many Berliners combine their weekend grocery shopping with this spiritual refreshment.