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New German Study Downgrades Cell Phone Cancer Risk

DPA news agency (nda)June 17, 2008

Germany's main radiation laboratory has concluded that mobile phones are safe and pose no cancer risk to users, according to a nearly-10-year-long study obtained Monday, June 16 by German press agency DPA.

A man uses his mobile phone as he stands in front of a giant video screen showing an eye
The study claims that exposure to electro-magnetic fields through phones is not a riskImage: AP

The survey by the Federal Radiation Protection Bureau found no evidence whatever that cell phones, cordless phones or cordless base stations situated next to beds caused brain cancer, headaches or disturbed sleep in adults.

But the scientists said they would like to study the issue longer to make absolutely sure that young children exposed to such electro-magnetic fields did not develop health problems in old age.

The bureau, which employs top radiation scientists, advised parents not to let children keep phones permanently in their clothing until such a risk had been ruled out.

Large numbers of Germans fear mobile phones may be lethal after alarming reports about them in the media.

More than 50 German research projects since 2002 were analyzed for the report.

In some cases, genetic activity in human cells was observed to change under the influence of radiation, but this did not alter the overall conclusion that the phones were safe.

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel was due to unveil the study on Tuesday.