New exciting cases | Crime Fighters | DW | 13.10.2016
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Crime Fighters

New exciting cases

Stories about environmental pollution and human trafficking – have a look at what the crime fighters have in store for you!

Killing Me Softly

Life has improved for the residents of Donge la Maji since a metal refinery was opened in town and created job opportunities. Single mother Aida Kabange recently moved there and started working as a secretary for the factory. But things go awry when Aida’s son mysteriously gets sick. At the same time a worker at the factory collapses and dies. A doctor says it was Malaria – but is there another uncomfortable truth behind his death? When Aida tries to find out what’s causing her son’s illness, she realizes something is amiss at the factory. Is she willing to risk everything to uncover the dirty secrets at the metal refinery? This story was written by Chrispin Mwakideu (Kenya)


One Murder Too Many

Inspector George Cross is very preoccupied by the murder of a young waitress who had been mutilated. Her identity is still a mystery. Could this crime be linked to witchcraft? As he works on the case, the young policeman absent-mindedly gives permission to his sister and cousin to pursue their dreams in the neighboring country. Melody and Kodjo want to study abroad. They have been promised training and exciting future prospects by a friendly neighbor. When after a while their family doesn’t hear from the teenagers, they start worrying. As George tries to get in touch with Melody and Kodjo and to solve the murder case, he uncovers a network of dangerous criminals who trade in human beings. This story was written by Hurcyle Gnonhoué (Benin)