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Most Wanted Nazis

DW staff (nda)May 1, 2008

A Nazi physician known as "Dr. Death" for murdering hundreds of inmates of Mauthausen Concentration camp by lethal injection is the most wanted Nazi war criminal still at large, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Polish Jews are rounded up by the SS in Warsaw
Some perpetrators of the Nazi's worst crimes of the Holocaust remain alive and at largeImage: dpa

Aribert Heim has replaced Alois Brunner at the head of the list of most wanted Nazi war criminals, which the centre released Wednesday, April 30.

Brunner, an aide to Adolf Eichmann and responsible for deporting over 100,000 Jews to Nazi death camps from Austria, Greece, France and Slovakia, is defined by the center as "the most important Nazi war criminal who may still be alive."

However the center said the chances that Brunner, who was born in 1912, and found refuge in Syria, is still alive, "are relatively slim."

"Ivan the Terrible" still wanted despite being freed

Ivan Demjanjuk, who participated in the mass murder of Jews in Sobibor death camp and also served in Majdanek death camp, is number two on the list.

Demjanjuk stood trial in Jerusalem in the late 1980's, on suspicion he was the death camp guard known as "Ivan the Terrible", but was freed through "reasonable doubt".

Inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp
Prison camp inmates during the warImage: AP

Denaturalized in the US and deported, he is currently under investigation in Poland.

Sandor Kepiro, a Hungarian gendarmerie officer who participated in the mass murder of over 1, 2000 civilians in Novi Sad, Serbia, is third on the list.

Hungary, which refused to enforce his original conviction for war crimes, has opened a new criminal investigation against him.

Milivoj Asner, who played an active role in the persecution and deportation of hundreds of Gypsies, Serbs and Jews, is fourth on the list. His extradition from Austria has been refused on medical grounds.

Alleged murderers wanted across Europe

Number five on the list is Soren Kam, who stole the population registry of Danish Jews to facilitate a roundup, and whose role in the deportation of Danish Jews is currently being investigated by Danish judicial authorities.

Heinrich Boere, who as a member of a Waffen-SS squad murdered three Dutch civilians, is sixth; in April 2008 he was indicted in Germany for his crimes.

Karoly Zentai, who participated in manhunts, persecution and murder of Jews in Budapest in 1944, is seventh. He is currently appealing the extradition from Austria which Hungary has asked for.

German Gestapo officer Adolf Eichmann listens to the guilty verdict read by the presiding judge as he stands in a special bullet-proof glass enclosure in a Jerusalem court on Dec. 11, 1961
Adolf Eichmann was one of those who did not get awayImage: AP

Mikhail Gorshkow, who participated in the murder of Jews in Belarus, and is under investigation in Estonia is eighth on the list.

Algimantas Dailide, who arrested Jews later murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian collaborators, is ninth. He was convicted in Lithuania, which has so far refused to implement his sentence of imprisonment.

The list is rounded off with Harry Mannil, who arrested Jews and communists executed by the Nazis and their Estonian collaborators. He was cleared by investigation in Estonia.

Nazi war criminals escaping justice through death

Most of the senior Nazi officers -- in their 30s and 40s during World War II -- are already dead and even younger soldiers and police officers are now in their eighties.

More than 60 years after World War II ended, Nazi hunters are running out of targets and increasingly becoming historians who shine a harsh light on dark family secrets.