My favorite - The Ovcharka | My favorite | DW | 04.02.2016
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My favorite

My favorite - The Ovcharka

In Georgia, Otar Phareulidze is considered a rich man: He owns 1700 sheep. But his real pride are his Ovcharkas, traditional caucasian shepherd dogs.

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Ovcharkas are strong and brave. During the night they protect the herd from bears and wolves. Last year, fourth-generation shepherd Otar Phareulidze only lost 13 sheep to the predators thanks to the work of the dogs. The loss is easy to stomach, he says. His dogs don't need training: "Everything they need to know, they learn from their parents."

About 'My favorite'

With all the talk of endangered species, the value of biodiversity and the usefulness of ecosystems we sometimes forget why plants and animals are really worth protecting: because we love them, or depend on them for our very own wellbeing. People from all walks of life and in all parts of the world have a favorite species. The reasons are many - perhaps because it is beautiful, or fascinating, or it helps them secure a livelihood. Meet some of these people and their favorites in our series "My favorite."

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