Moshammer′s Daisy Bids for Stardom | Current Affairs | DW | 27.01.2005
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Current Affairs

Moshammer's Daisy Bids for Stardom

How many steps does it take to transform a dog from an arm accessory to a television superstar? Daisy, the canine companion of murdered Rudolph Moshammer, is about to find out. If she can still walk, that is.


No stranger to the elevated status, Daisy (left) is reaching for the stars

She is the most famous lap dog in Germany but until now Daisy the Yorkshire terrier has been recognized only as the silky arm accessory of murdered fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer.

But now, in the wake of her master's grisly death, Daisy is set to become a star in her own right by appearing on German television as herself on the RTL show "Unter Uns".

As reported in Thursday's Bild Zeitung newspaper, Daisy's current handler, the deceased Mosi's chauffeur Andreas K, has already signed the contract with RTL on behalf of the canine celebrity-to-be.

The 44 year-old driver took over guardianship of the Munich designer's bitch after Moshammer was killed on January 14 this year and has taken swift steps to ensure the terrier's star does not wane with the death of her owner. Daisy starts shooting her new show next week with the first installment due to air in March.

RTL's new star


New arm, same position.

Tom Sänger, the entertainment chief at RTL, told the newspaper: "Daisy is fantastic and strong. We are very happy with our new star." The scriptwriters of the show have already put the finishing touches on the first storylines the Yorkie will feature in.

For those who feel she may be being manipulated at a vulnerable time, RTL spokesperson Jovan Evermann moved quickly to dispel any thoughts of exploitation: "Daisy will be treated very well by us. We have even organized a special dog catering service which will take care of her."

Roberto Blanco, a singer and friend of the late Moshammer, said the eccentric designer would have been immensely proud of seeing his canine companion step out from his shadow and forge a name for herself. "If he could have experienced this," Blanco said, "he would have been incredibly proud of his Daisy." Blanco mused that Moshammer would be looking down on events from above with great joy.

The lap, or arm, of luxury

Rudolph Moshammer

Rudolph Moshammer with Daisy at a 2003 photo shooting

However, there may be some hard work ahead for Daisy if she is to crack into show business. The pampered pooch will have to learn to run again. Daisy spent most of her time with Moshammer being carried around on his arm or in a small bag.

She very rarely had to go anywhere under her own steam. But Andreas the Chauffeur was quick to assure her fans that Daisy would be up for the job, telling Munich's Abendzeitung newspaper that she had already gone for a small walk.

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  • Date 27.01.2005
  • Author DW Staff (nda)
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  • Date 27.01.2005
  • Author DW Staff (nda)
  • Related Subjects Germany
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