Microsoft announces Windows 8 overhaul to boost sales | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 07.05.2013
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Microsoft announces Windows 8 overhaul to boost sales

US software giant Microsoft has announced it will tune up its current Windows 8 operating system later this year. The move aims to address complaints by customers and improve sales globally.

Microsoft reported Tuesday it would soon provide a major update for its Windows 8 operating system running on both PCs and mobile devices. The tune-up software package, code-named "Blue," will be released to clients later this year.

Research group International Data had found Windows 8's design of interactive tiles and touch controls contributed to a 14-percent decline in PC sales globally during the first three months of the year.

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PC market takes a dive

Although Microsoft did not immediately specify which changes would be made to the system, experts said they were sure the Redmond-based company would address a number of complaints by customers who'd been befuddled by the peculiarities of Windows 8.

A common complaint has been the lack of a "Start" button in the operating system's menu. Customers have also criticized how difficult it s to find a set of controls that can currently be pulled out from the right side of the display screen.

Trying to catch up

Despite the announced changes, Microsoft insisted it was pleased with the new operating system's performance. The company stated it had sold 100 million licenses so far, up from about 60 million copies in January.

But the marketing and financial chief for Microsoft's Windows business, Tami Reller, acknowledged there was room for improvement. "There's a learning curve to Windows 8, and we can work to address that," she commented.

It's expected that more details about the update will become known at a developers' conference in San Francisco in late June. But the "Blue" overhaul won't do anything about the relatively small selection of mobile apps tailored for Windows 8. Apple by contrast boasts more than 800,000 apps, and there are nearly that many for Android devices.

hg/mz (AP, dpa)

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