Mexico City: Security chief injured in assassination attempt | News | DW | 26.06.2020
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Mexico City: Security chief injured in assassination attempt

The head of public security in Mexico City has been injured in an apparent assassination attempt. Residents of a wealthy district of the Mexican capital were awakened to a major gunfight that left three people dead.

A large gunfight broke in one of Mexico City’s richest neighborhoods on Friday targeted the city's security chief and killed at least three other people.

Omar Garcia Harfuch was wounded in the shoot-out, and later treated in hospital but is "out of danger," the city’s mayor wrote on Twitter.

"At approximately 06:38 this morning the head of city security suffered an attack; he is out of danger and was treated in hospital. There were several deaths and several arrests and investigations are underway," Claudia Scheinbaum wrote.

Sheinbaum told reporters that two of Harfuch's security team were killed, along with a woman driving past the scene of the attack

The heavy gunfire reportedly lasted several minutes. Police said two officers were wounded in the attack.

Some 12 people were arrested at the scene, Ernestina Godoy, the attorney general of Mexico City said.

The Lomas de Chapultepec area of the city is home to many wealthy residents and ambassadorial residences. Police converged on the area, which is rarely troubled by violence compared to other parts of the city.

Assassination attempt?

While no immediate motive for the shooting was confirmed, several organized crime groups operate in the city. Mayor Sheinbaum suggested that the shooting had been a deliberate assassination attempt on Harfuch.

Gunmen were armed with .50 caliber sniper files and grenades, the police report said.

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador offered his support and solidarity to Sheinbaum and the city's law enforcement forces.

"Without a doubt, this is related to the work being carried out to guarantee peace," Lopez Obrador said.

tj, ed/mm (AP, Reuters)