Mexico City gas tanker explosion leaves 19 people dead | News | DW | 07.05.2013
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Mexico City gas tanker explosion leaves 19 people dead

A gas tanker truck has exploded on a highway near Mexico City leaving more than a dozen people dead and injuring many more. The cause of the blast remains unclear.

At least 19 people were killed and more than 30 injured on Tuesday when the blast engulfed early morning traffic in the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec. Television footage showed images of burned-out vehicles, blackened homes and debris strewn across the highway.

"Unfortunately 27 homes have been damaged and 19 people have died," Ecatepec Mayor Pablo Bedolla said on Twitter.

Officials said the death toll could rise further as rescuers continued to search the charred remains of homes and vehicles.

"We just pulled burned people, and put out the fire in the houses, but we don't really know what happened," said Rogelio Martinez, a resident of the neighborhood where the crash occurred.

The driver of the tanker was reportedly injured in the blast and has been taken to a local hospital. There has been no official comment regarding the cause of the blast.

ccp/mkg (AFP, Reuters, dpa)